Industrial, Commercial and Domestic


With more than 28 years of hands-on experience in roofing and waterproofing applications, Poly Roofing has established itself as a formidable well-groomed proficient service provider with their expertise called upon by both engineers and property developers alike. Backed by technical expertise, quality products, and honed application skills complemented with trained experienced staff and management teams who practice a consistent hands-on approach to every project they procure.

Poly Roofing is committed to ethical and sound business principles and practices that are backed by the Masters Builders Association which strikes balance between accountability and transparency.

Poly Roofing values long term client relations and maintains the relationship through honouring their guarantees and commitments providing for quality workmanship.

Poly Roofing specialises in providing cost-effective, low maintenance project solutions that focus on minimising routine disruption and inconvenience to our clients in order to alleviate project pressures.



Suppliers & Product

Through experience, we have developed technical expertise in professional product application skills and cutting edge technology with approved reputable suppliers and products.

MBA Approved

We are proud members of the Master Builders Association and are therefore governed under said regulations of ethical and sound business practices and quality workmanship.

Occupational Health and Safety

Poly Roofing is fully compliant with all South African health and safety legislation, we are one hundred percent committed to safe site management and minimal risk strategies.

Public Liability Insurance

Poly Roofing has extensive Insurance cover including public liability.

Workman's Compensation

Poly Roofing is a compliant and registered member with the Workmanship Compensation.

With our trained and equipped staff at your service, Please feel free to call on our expertise for any further information or for a no obligation free quotation, as we will gladly assist you in all your project requirements.

Social and development commitments

Poly Roofing is committed to fighting poverty by equipping individuals through skills development and hands-on training, in order to equip more dedicated and committed financial providers.

True potential can only be released when we do not instruct people on how not to do things, but when we teach them how to do things correctly.

Embracing your worth through scrutinising your reputation is beneficial not only to others but to ourselves, and it is a great teacher to the teachable.