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Poly Brick & Paving Seal is an excellent water repellent to brick, block and concrete substrates. The aesthetics of the treated surface is not altered. The sealant has a typical impregnation of +/-10mm. The base is quartz and long-term durability is resultant.



From: R275.00

From: R275.00
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APPLICATION: Implant treatments by dipping or spraying. “In situ” application by low-pressure spray (knap-sack) is recommended, to saturation and run off. Surfaces should be clean and dry. WIPE DOWN GLASS AND WINDOW FRAMES IMMEDIATELY AFTER APPLICATION. Wash hands and equipment with soapy water after use. Be aware of wind direction and over spray.

CAUTION: Adequate eye protection is required (Goggles)

COVERAGE: A two-coat application, wet on wet is required. Coverage of 4 to 6 m² per litre.

ADVANTAGES: Poly Brick & Paving Seal inhibits the migration of water and in doing so prevents carbon build up, lime staining and fungal growth. General aesthetics of masonry products is maintained.

APPROVAL: Poly Brick & Paving Seal has been tested by rain penetration test SABS 0400 [KK 17.1]. An independent test by Draper Penhall & Associates concluded that Siliseal provides an excellent barrier against water absorption.

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