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POLY waterproofing Seal, is a water Acrylic Saturator that forms a durable barrier against water and moisture Ingress. Designed to withstand water and damp penetration of the underlying surface, to be used in conjunction with Poly Bridging Mat that dries to a resilient seamless waterproofing barrier that Is flexble and long lasting.


From: R350.00

From: R350.00
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    • Suitable for use on all roof substrate’s Including parapet walls.
    • Metal flashing’s/ roof sheets, roof joints, roof screws.
    • Seal’s joints and bridges hairline cracks.
    • Can be used over galvanized iron and asbestos
    • General waterproofing/ sealing.

Resilient, Seamless, UV and weather stable, Protects from water and damp Ingress of surfaces, Easy to apply and economical, Application tools are easy lo clean with water when wet• Eco Friendly, low Voc’s, Lead Free, Seamless & Durable.

*Exact colour may vary from photograph

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5 Litre, 20 Litre

Product Uses

Ensure all substrates are thorough clean, sounds, d and free from any contaminants such as dirt, rust, silt, algae, Fungus or grease.

Brush Application
1 litre per 1.5m’percoalwilh Poly Bridging Mal.

1. Apply generous base coal of Poly Waterproofing Seal to substrate to be Waterproofed.
2. Press Poly Bridging Matt firmly into wetted substrate lo obtain a maximum saturation from below and ensure a minimum of approximately 50mm overlap of adjoining lengths of bridging mat. Press out all air pocke1 and creases in 1he bridging mat. y a generous top coal of Waterproofing Seal on bridging mat and allow to dry.
3. Apply any further coat’s of Waterproofing Seal approximately 1 litre per 3m’ per coat.
4. Apply recommended esthetic colour top coal using a good quality acrylic exterior paint.